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my wife, although she never friends as such. gianttube gianttube Therefore, making a daily situation without giving any attraction or flirting on both sides, how is "meeting" ? Well, in October he had done the driveway and Sue asked me if I cared, it would offer a similar job at home. I did this afternoon, and neighbors, I note a very reasonable price, they need to be cited from other sources. Sue Mann invited me for a drink, which was the first time I actually never spoke to any length with him, but still a good guy. He and Sue had been a place to eat, and the only thing I noticed Sue wearing a tartan skirt with black stockings, high heels and a black sweater, her hair was soft, makeup, she saw another woman. A real contrast to the usual Sue. I was not in this comment, but SueAs usual, talkative and friendly, in fact both. Anyway, I took a beer, talking about all the work was underway. the afternoon, I would look down on TV, my wife was at night with his brother, who was flown in the U. S.. UU. on this day. I heard the barking of dogs, and then a knock at the door. The door opened and there was Sue, she came to say thanks again for the offer and brochures that I had with them, which of course is gianttube not necessary to go back ! invited him to sit on the couch and she asked if she wants a cup of tea. I asked if I was a little stronger, so I gave him a glass of wine. We also talked at length about the house, the driveway, all very boring. Only when I went to the kitchen, all were cleared. Sue had followed me while I was on the outside of the counter ( in the headlights !) In the garden stood beside me and asked me if there is something interesting. His hand was playing and I WHEn I turned to her to respond, we were holding hands and face in some way. She leaned over to kiss me and I answered him. We stopped and looked. She said: " Sorry. " I kissed her again and this time he was passionate. We went into the living room and kissed her once Sue was holding me so tight, rubbing my hands all over my back. He took over lust, rubbed my hands over
Quotes her sweater over her breasts, lifted my skirt to the knee and frantically rubbed his crotch, which was covered with stockings and panties. I knelt down and tugged on her stockings and panties and exposed her dark mass of hair that I licked my tongue. Sue pushed my head in her lap, while her hips down on my face. I pulled her panties and stockings leg, and I stood up. I lost my belt and lowered my pants and underpants, he pushed me on the couch, I stood before her and she rubbed desperately to masturbate and rubbed his face in my testicles and penis and groaning, and almost immediately got up, he turned and leaned forward so that her arms were supported on the couch, I got behind her, spread her legs and hooked her skirt above her buttocks, and pushed my cock in her pussy. After a hectic couple of strokes, 10 seconds later it exploded all over her ass and my dick skating skirt on gianttube her back, which was covered in cum! I stood there, his hands still around her hips and tried to understand what happened. I could not. Sue stood up, wiped the sperm ass on his thighs, groping with her ​​stockings and panties and managed to get your foot in it, not me to sit down and leave stains on the couch! I pulled my shorts and pants had at that time Sue has her coat and was ready to go. She looked at me without a smile or an expression ever passed, and walked out the door. I stood speechless and Shellshocked. I could not gianttube believe it can not what happened. It was very strange. It impromptu. A moment of lust, passion, call it whatever you want. is over in minutes. The whole process. Without a body at all. Yes, it is long and probably pretty boring compared to others here, but I have to emphasize the normalcy of the situation beforehand. In fact there were no signs or sparks. Not at all. Since that night remains, Sue kind, but rather to keep their distance, to some degree. He has never spoken or even a knowing smile from her. No. My wife has noticed no gianttube change in Sweden, so I guess I have luck. I'm still waiting in the driveway of work!


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I would like a visitor to this site over the past 18 months have been so rare I might add, I've read some of the stories and searches etc. , though out of curiosity, I've never been in anything related to the site or elsewhere online. But something has happened to me recently that I mean gianttube here ! His whole reason for changing the name aside, though certainly not as graphic or as adventurous as some I've read! I'm married, 30 years old, constant professional, a family man and live in a nice area. I find it strange to gianttube have the drunk in clubs and bars, despite years ago. Sue lives in the same area, some doors, and the final is 50 years old, married with three children, all who have flown the nest. I know that for the first time that Sue and her husband only by time of day, as my family and I moved to the area. gianttube A nice couple, private, quiet, and I think that vocational training. Middle class, well spoken, but certainly not snobby or aloof. Sue blond hair, short,They figure 5'4, medium, not unattractive by gianttube any means, even if you thought that are interesting, if that makes sense! addition to the " good morning " and the occasional waves in the garden that is really so far as it went with Sue, as all the neighbors are. As I said, are a domestic partner, no mixers, like gianttube me and my wife. After a few months I started working in the front garden, entrance paving a large plot, so it was a job that took some time. Sue would come with their dogs twice a day, and finally started talking, as usual, from the time of day. She was dressed in jeans, hiking boots, a fleece, very little makeup, as would be expected for a dog walking. Nothing to wake up any kind of attention in my head. Sue was less guarded, the more we talked, and finally, half an hour would sometimes flattering, again just things in general, and was also impressed with the work in the gianttube garden, and, incidentally, there was mention that mayand her husband would be the same thing, to think nothing flirtatious. It was the same with